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Please note that we cannot accept consignments for artists who have no secondary market history.

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FAQ'S for Selling with Aspire Art

Aspire provides complimentary valuations in the form of auction estimates for artworks which are suitable for sale with us.

Getting a complimentary auction estimate from one of our specialists is the first step in the sale process.

  • Submit clear colour photographs of your artwork(s) through our online request form
  • Provide additional information such as dimensions, materials and history
  • An Aspire specialist will contact you to discuss your artwork(s), estimate(s), advise on sale dates and details, and explain your Seller’s Agreement and commission structure


Please kindly note:

  • All estimates are provisional and subject to revision based on physical inspection
  • Please allow 2 weeks for a response
  • Regrettably, we do not provide auction estimates or sale information for artworks that are of a type or value that are typically not sold in Aspire auctions
  • Once we have determined that your artwork is appropriate for auction, our specialists will discuss the location, sale date, and details with you to ensure maximum interest and competitive bidding

Aspire conducts Live and Timed Online auctions and exhibitions in Johannesburg and Cape Town throughout the year.

If you prefer not to sell your property at auction, we also offer private sales of works.

Our consignment agreement sets out the terms and conditions by which your property will be offered for sale. Our specialists will recommend an estimate range and a reserve (minimum) price for your property.

Once you have signed your Seller’s Agreement, you should arrange for your artwork(s) to be delivered to us. Aspire can assist with this, or we can put you in contact with trusted local shippers.

Our specialists will coordinate every detail, from cataloguing, research and photography of your property, to presentation and marketing to prospective buyers worldwide.

Consignments for auctions close approximately 6 weeks prior to the auction date.

Before you sell your property with Aspire, you will need to sign a Seller’s Agreement.

This is the contract that confirms the consignment details, our services, outlines the fee structure and the terms and conditions of sale between you and Aspire.

Aspire charges a single Seller’s Commission rate for the services we provide, and VAT is charged on the commission only.

The commission is calculated on each item as a fixed percentage based on the eventual hammer price at auction. This rate includes research, cataloguing, photography, marketing costs and insurance cover.

The full amount due to a seller is the price of the work at the fall of the hammer (hammer price), less the commission rate and VAT.

Aspire will propose a low and high estimate range for each artwork, to be agreed with you.

Pre-sale estimates are based on precedent and previous sale records for comparable works by the same artist.

Auction estimates are in-line with prices previously achieved on the secondary (auction) market for similar and comparable artworks. Auction estimate are not based on primary (gallery) market or retail pricing.

The auction estimate is published in the auction catalogue and will be publicly available to potential buyers.

Aspire will also agree a reserve price with you for each item. The reserve is the minimum amount for which Aspire is permitted to sell a consigned lot – this is a confidential figure agreed between Aspire and the seller, and guarantees you of a minimum amount. This will be an amount, agreed by both parties – the seller and Aspire – below which we will not sell your item during the auction. This amount must be equal to, or lower than the low estimate, and will not be published. The reserve cannot be higher than the low estimate.

In determining the value of an artwork a wide range of variables are assessed. We consider; the sales precedent for the artist on the secondary market, the subject matter, size and medium of the artwork, the date of creation and the importance of the work within the artist’s oeuvre, the condition of the work, its provenance and the cumulative totality of these factors for each work examined.
Comparable works provide an important and accurate evaluation tool.  We will look at the sales precedent for an artist and what similar works are achieving at auction. In this respect, recent sales are more relevant to show present market value than a sale that, for example, took place 5 years ago and may no longer be relevant. For artists who have an established secondary market where a large number of works have been sold at auction, comparable works are very important and we will look at the average prices realised for similar works sold recently. Comparable works become less important for artists with very little secondary market. If, for example, only 10 works by an artist have been sold at auction, then any price realised may be important in determining value.
Condition can also have a huge impact on value. Is the artwork in the same condition as when it was first created? Have there been structural changes or changes to the appearance? Is the condition of the work likely to determinate further in the near future?
Provenance is the sales and acquisition history of an artwork. A strong provenance – for example if the work was in the collection of a well-known and respected collector, known for making high-quality acquisitions – may positively impact value.
Subject Matter or the image depicted in a work can have an impact on the piece’s desirability. This can be quite specific to each artist. Irma Stern’s portraits, especially from the Congo and Zanzibar are, for example, particularly prized in the market and will, on average achieve higher prices. Conversely, J.H Pierneef is well-known and celebrated for his depictions of the South African landscape and Pierneef’s landscapes are valued, on average, higher than his works including figures.
Period and the date of creation, like the subject matter of an artwork, influences value and is different for each artist. Particular times in an artist’s career may be more significant. These are often well-established and may have already developed as ‘in demand’ during an artist’s lifetime or because particular times in an artist’s life may have been recognised by art historians as being more artistically important or creative.
While the specifics of the artwork listed above play an important role, general market conditions and the broader economy also play an overarching role in determining the value of an artwork at any specific time. If for example, results, on average, have been poor on recent sales then we may be more conservative in valuing a work whereas a stronger market, on average, may lead to more confident values.

Once your consignment has been agreed to by our team of specialists, you will need to get your artwork to our offices in either Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Aspire can assist you with your logistics arrangements should you require them – including packing, crating and shipping – to get your artwork(s) to our salerooms.

Alternatively, you may use your own shipper.

Don’t miss the excitement of sale day – you can watch and participate in the auction in person, or follow online via our website. 

For every artwork consigned, Aspire charges a Seller’s Commission and sale-related expenses which typically include insurance, transport (when using our shipping partners), any restoration costs and framing.

Our specialists will discuss these charges with you at the time of consignment.

After the auction, Aspire will notify the seller as to the status of each item offered for sale. Provided payment has been received from the buyer, we will pay net sale proceeds (the hammer price less the Seller’s Commission and sale-related expenses) to the seller approximately 30 calendar days after the auction. In the unlikely event that your property does not sell, we will be in touch to discuss next steps.

You will receive a notification in the form of a Post-Sale Advice informing you of the price that your artwork(s) achieved at auction. We will confirm your net proceeds of sale based on the hammer price, with any agreed-upon expenses and commission deducted.

Please note that prices listed on our website display the hammer price inclusive of the Buyer’s Premium.

Aspire will act on your behalf to secure payment from the buyer. Provided we have received payment in full, approximately 30 days after the auction, your payment will be sent to your nominated account, and you will receive a settlement statement for the sale.

If a buyer was not found for your artwork(s), Aspire will contact you to discuss your options – either re-offering at a reduced estimate or collecting your property.

No, we do not accept direct artist submissions. As an auction house working in the secondary market, we only accept items that have already sold via a gallery or advisor on the primary market.

Aspire is happy to offer complimentary auction estimates for items that we propose for auction.

Please feel free to contact our offices directly and we will put you in touch with a spceialist:

Johannesburg | +27 10 109 7989 |

Cape Town | +27 21 418 0765 |



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