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Aspire Art's Private Sales is an ongoing service that allows clients to engage in buying and selling artworks beyond our regular auction calendar.

Through Private Sales, we also facilitate and broker exclusive and personalised art-collecting opportunities:

Curated Selections and Exclusive Access

We offer private sales throughout the year, catering to the unique art interests and collecting preferences of our clients. Our extensive range includes 20th-century historic, modern, and contemporary South African and African art, as well as significant modern and contemporary works from other markets. 

With our network of advisors and collectors, we provide exclusive access to specific artworks and connect prospective buyers with exceptional opportunities. Whether you are looking for a specific artwork to purchase or to sell, our team is on hand to help research, source or sell on your behalf.


Strict Confidentiality and Discretion

We understand the significance of maintaining confidentiality when engaging in transactions involving high-value artworks. Our team prioritises the utmost discretion and handles all Private Sale transactions with strict confidentiality, ensuring a secure environment for both buyers and sellers. Prices are fixed and mutually agreed upon.


Specialised and Personalised Guidance

Leveraging our deep understanding of the art market and expertise in the field, we offer specialised guidance tailored to your art-collecting needs. Whether you are seeking to source specific artworks or find suitable buyers for your collection, we provide personalised assistance and professional advice to help you make well-informed decisions.


Considering your specific needs and interests as a buyer, you have the option to request a customised acquisition proposal, allowing us to assist you in starting or expanding your art collection. 

Alternatively, we can source specific artworks based on your 'wish-list', ensuring that we find pieces that align with your preferences. 

Reach out to our team of specialists for an obligation-free and confidential discussion about your collection. We are here to provide guidance and support in your art-collecting journey.


We offer selling opportunities for clients who prefer to sell their art privately. Our team understands that each seller has unique requirements, and we strive to find the right buyer while effectively managing market exposure. 

When you choose to sell your art privately with us, you can expect prompt and efficient transactions. Our goal is to ensure a smooth process, and we prioritise maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire selling journey. 

Contact us to initiate a discussion and receive a customised sales proposal that caters to your unique art-selling requirements.

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Kay HassanUntitled (Portrait), 2006


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CEO, Senior Art Specialist
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Client Advisory
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