Privacy Policy


Terms defined in the Terms of Business shall bear the same meaning when used in this Privacy Policy.

  1. INFORMATION ASPIRE MAY COLLECT AND PROCESS 1.1. Aspire may use and store the following:
    1.1.1.  any information received, whether it be from the completion of online forms for registration purposes or otherwise, from any Bidder, Buyer or Seller (including documents filled out in person by any Bidder, Buyer or Seller);

    1.1.2.  information required to send out marketing material;
    1.1.3.  any data received from the making of a bid or the posting of any material to Aspire;
    1.1.4.  any information received from correspondence between Aspire and any Bidder, Buyer or Seller, whether it be by e-mail or otherwise;
    1.1.5.  information received for the purpose of research, including by conducting surveys;
    1.1.6.  information received from telephone communications, in person or otherwise in carrying out any transaction and/or Auction;
    1.1.7.  general information from the receipt of any hard copy documents in respect of the date of birth, name, address, occupation, interests, credit information (if required by Aspire) and any further personal information of any Bidder, Buyer or Seller obtained by Aspire during the course of conducting its business;
    1.1.8.  details received from the completion of any contract of sale between Aspire, the Bidder, Buyer and/or Seller;
    1.1.9.  details from the visits made to Aspire's website and any resources/information accessed therein;
    1.2.  the aforesaid data shall not be supplied and distributed to any third person without the consent of the relevant Bidder, Buyer or Seller unless such supply or distribution is required under law or is reasonably necessary for Aspire to ensure performance of any and all of their obligations under the Terms of Business. Therefore, Aspire shall only use the data collected for internal purposes;
    1.3.  personal information, whether private or public, shall not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or provided to any other company for any reason whatsoever without the relevant Bidder, Buyer or Seller's consent, other than for the express purpose of effecting the collection of any purchased Lot. This will not include trusted third parties, who assist Aspire in operating the website, conducting business or servicing the website. All such persons agree to keep the aforesaid personal information confidential; and


1.4. the release of any relevant Bidder, Buyer or Seller's personal information if any shall be done only in circumstances which Aspire deems fit and necessary to comply with the law or enforce its Terms of Business and/or to protect third parties' rights, property or safety.

2.1.  Aspire may collect and store information relating to a Bidder, Buyer or Seller's ("User") computer, including its IP address, operating system and browser type, in order to assist Aspire with their systems administration from the use of the website and previous transactions with them:
2.2.  Cookies (a text file stored on the website's servers) may be placed on Aspire's website to collect the information from each User pursuant to:
2.2.1.  incorporating each User's preference and customising the website, business accordingly;
2.2.2.  improving customer services;
2.2.3.  the acceleration of searches;
2.2.4.  automatically storing information relating to the most visited links;
2.2.5.  sending updated marketing information (where the User has consented to the receipt thereof).
A User has the option to not accept cookies by selecting such option on his/her browser. If a User does so, it may restrict the use of certain links on the website. The sole purpose of the aforesaid cookies is to collect information about Aspire's website and not gather any personal information of the User.

3.1.  Aspire shall do all such things reasonably necessary to ensure that the security and privacy of all personal information received, is upheld - whether it be from a bid made, a Lot which is purchased or where personal information is stored, recalled or accessed from Aspire's servers and/or offices. This will include the implementation of measures creating an electronic firewall system, regular virus scanning mechanisms, security patches, vulnerability testing, regular backups, security checks and recovery mechanisms and any other such mechanisms that is reasonably necessary to ensure the protection of personal information.
3.2.  Aspire shall ensure that all employees are sufficiently trained in the use of Aspire's systems to ensure that the protection of all databases containing any personal information is maintained.
3.3.  Any information relating to, but not limited to, any personal information, account details and personal addresses of any Bidder, Buyer or Seller shall be encrypted and only accessible by limited authorised personnel and stored either on an electronic server or in a safe area on the premises of Aspire. Each individual with such authorisation shall ensure that all personal information remains confidential and is protected in the manner contemplated in this Privacy Policy.
3.4.  After the sale of a Lot, any credit card and EFT details shall not be stored by Aspire.
3.5.  Aspire does not send out e-mails requesting the account details of any Bidder, Buyer or Seller. Aspire shall not be liable for any loss suffered as a result of any fraudulent e-mails sent to any Bidder, Buyer or Seller by any third parties or related fraudulent practices by third parties (including the unauthorised use of Aspire's trademarks and brand names) in order to mislead any prospective Bidder, Buyer or Seller into believing that such third party is affiliated with Aspire; and

3.6. Aspire may send out e-mails in respect of payment for any registration fees (if applicable) and/ or payment with respect to the purchase of a particular Lot placed on Auction.


    Aspire may, from time to time, in its sole discretion, amend, cancel or rescind any provision of this Privacy Policy by publication of any such amended version (whether on its website or by any other means whatsoever). It is the responsibility of any Bidder, Buyer or Seller to ensure that they are aware, understand and accept these changes before conducting business with Aspire.


    Any links on the website to third party websites are independent of this Privacy Policy. Any third party's Privacy Policy is separate and Aspire shall not be liable for any information contained therein.