SHADES: Autumn 22

SHADES: Autumn 22

Starts: Thu, 14th Apr 2022 09:00
Ends: Tue, 26th Apr 2022 18:00
Sale number: TO April 22
Location: Online


Welcoming the change of colours of the new season, Aspire Art presents a strong selection of exceptional and innovative works by local art world favourites for easy collecting.

With nearly 200 lots, the collection spotlights prevalent topics artists, and audiences, engage in. Most notably, the stylistic influences of abstraction (lots 1-28). Other highlighted categories include the exploration of places and people (lots 29-142), the meaning of words (lots 143-168) found in text-based pieces, the objects (lots 169-175) of sculptural works and the things (176-188) chosen for still life studies. Also included is a range of signed William Kentridge posters (189-195) for those interested in special art memorabilia.

Name: Mrs Sarah Sinisi
Telephone: +27 84 568 5639

Name: Ms Carina Jansen
Telephone: +27 78 968 2476

Lot 1 - Jake Aikman (South Africa 1978-) View of the Ineffable

Sold for R24,622
Estimated at R12,000 - R16,000

Lot 2 - Joanne Reen (South Africa 1949-) A Light Rain Falls

Sold for R6,097
Estimated at R5,000 - R7,000

Lot 3 - Alexia Vogel (South Africa 1991-) Ghost Window I

Sold for R1,524
Estimated at R1,500 - R2,000

Lot 6 - Andrzej Nowicki (Poland/South Africa 1981-) Untitled

Sold for R7,621
Estimated at R5,000 - R8,000

Lot 9 - Paul Senyol (South Africa 1980-) Abstract composition

Sold for R4,924
Estimated at R3,000 - R5,000

Lot 13 - Andrzej Urbanski (Poland/South Africa 1983-) A015

Sold for R24,622
Estimated at R20,000 - R30,000

Lot 14 - Trevor Coleman (South Africa 1936-) Structure III

Sold for R21,105
Estimated at R20,000 - R30,000

Lot 15 - Douglas Portway (South Africa 1922-1993) Reclining figure

Sold for R18,760
Estimated at R20,000 - R30,000

Lot 23 - Cecil Higgs (South Africa 1898-1986) Plankton

Sold for R11,725
Estimated at R12,000 - R18,000

Lot 24 - Kim Lieberman (South Africa 1969-) Red stamps

Sold for R2,228
Estimated at R2,000 - R3,000

Lot 44 - Erin Chaplin (South Africa 1988-) Fountain

Sold for R5,394
Estimated at R4,000 - R6,000

Lot 46 - Paul du Toit (South Africa 1922-1986) Stream in a forest

Sold for R21,105
Estimated at R20,000 - R30,000