Modern and Contemporary Art | Cape Town

Modern and Contemporary Art | Cape Town

Date: 16th Mar, 2022 19:00
Sale number: CT 16 Mar 22
Location: Cape Town
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The collection of 111 works by 74 artists boasts a selection of highly collectable modern and contemporary art-historical treasures. Rare and important pieces by artists including William Kentridge, Marlene Dumas and Robert Hodgins present collectors with a unique opportunity to add significant pieces to their collections. Also on offer are 4 fantastic oil paintings by South African modern master George Pemba and an impressive body of sculptural work, including artists Sydney Kumalo, Edoardo Villa, Bruce Arnott and David Brown.

Name: Sarah Sinisi
Telephone: +27 84 568 5639

Name: Ms Marelize Van Zyl
Telephone: +27 83 283 7427

Lot 3 - Peter Clarke (South Africa 1929-2014) Embrace

Sold for R102,420

Estimated at R120,000 - R160,000

Lot 4 - Sydney Kumalo (South Africa 1935-1988) Girl with Dove

Sold for R182,080

Estimated at R150,000 - R200,000

Lot 7 - Bruce Arnott (South Africa 1938-2018) Clockwork Klopjac

Sold for R35,175

Estimated at R30,000 - R50,000

Lot 9 - Cinga Samson (South Africa 1986-) Untitled (Stormy Sky)

Sold for R591,760

Estimated at R250,000 - R350,000

Lot 10 - Moffat Takadiwa (Zimbabwe 1983-) Mr Consumer 2

Sold for R170,700

Estimated at R150,000 - R200,000

Lot 13 - Louis Maqhubela (South Africa 1939-2021) The Fallen Kings

Sold for R375,540

Estimated at R80,000 - R120,000

Lot 16 - Dumile Feni (South Africa 1942-1991) Figures and animals

Sold for R49,245

Estimated at R20,000 - R30,000

Lot 17 - Sydney Kumalo (South Africa 1935-1988) A Dream

Sold for R22,278

Estimated at R10,000 - R15,000

Lot 18 - Sydney Kumalo (South Africa 1935-1988) Untitled

Sold for R49,245

Estimated at R20,000 - R25,000

Lot 19 - Sydney Kumalo (South Africa 1935-1988) Woman and bird

Sold for R25,795

Estimated at R8,000 - R12,000

Lot 23 - George Pemba (South Africa 1912-2001) Portrait of a man

Sold for R96,730

Estimated at R90,000 - R120,000

Lot 26 - Edoardo Villa (South Africa 1915-2011) Standing figure

Sold for R455,200

Estimated at R400,000 - R600,000

Lot 29 - Robert Hodgins (South Africa 1920-2010) A Green Girl

Sold for R1,046,960

Estimated at R900,000 - R1,200,000

Lot 30 - Williams Chechet (Nigeria 1981-) Kaboom II

Sold for R21,105

Estimated at R20,000 - R30,000

Lot 31 - Dorothee Kreutzfeldt (South Africa 1970-) For 15 minutes

Sold for R46,900

Estimated at R40,000 - R60,000

Lot 35 - Fanlo Mkhize (South Africa 1959-1995) BUTISI TART?

Sold for R30,485

Estimated at R30,000 - R50,000

Lot 36 - William Kentridge (South Africa 1955-) Drawing for Mine

Sold for R3,186,400

Estimated at R2,800,000 - R3,500,000

Lot 38 - Edoardo Villa (South Africa 1915-2011) The Lovers

Sold for R159,320

Estimated at R120,000 - R180,000

Lot 41 - Gerhard Marx (South Africa 1976-) Depths in Feet (Spread)

Sold for R53,935

Estimated at R50,000 - R80,000

Lot 44 - Jac de Villiers (South Africa 1948-) Tutu

Sold for R35,175

Estimated at R30,000 - R40,000

Lot 47 - William Kentridge (South Africa 1955-) Receiver

Sold for R125,180

Estimated at R90,000 - R120,000